Jack & Slide

NCSG offers jack & slide services to customer sites throughout the energy corridor of Canada and the US.

With approximately 400 employees in 12 branch locations throughout the Northern energy corridor of North America, NCSG provides crane and heavy haul services to various industries such as refining, upgrading, upstream oil & gas, utilities, forestry, mining and wind energy.

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Jack & Slide

When crane lifts are not possible or practical, NCSG provides jack & slide services to move, load, offload, and weigh heavy loads. Known as the next generation of jack-and-roll systems, jack & slide is a safer and more controlled process than its predecessor. Our jack & slide crews include supervision, labour, self-contained and fully unified hydraulic jacking systems, hydraulic push/pull systems, a skid steer loader, and sufficient support equipment to complete any project efficiently and safely.

Module Weighing

In order to transport or lift modules, an accurate weight and center of gravity determination is crucial. NCSG provides on-call module weighing services.