For our customers:

We're Back!!!

We are happy to report that our operations in Fort McMurray are up and running! Questions from customers whose sites are currently impacted by the evacuation can direct their questions to the Fort McMurray Branch Managers.

Alwin Reinders (Cranes) – 780-598-7305

Sheldon Duffy (Heavy Haul) – 780-881-8264

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For our staff / families:

The process has begun for the re-entry to Fort McMurray. Many of our team have made their way back to Fort McMurray already. Please be mindful of air quality readings and the boil water advisory in place throughout most of Fort McMurray.

NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul Services had over 150 employees working in the region at the time of the evacuation. Unfortunately we have employees who live in the region that lost their homes. Many lost or abandoned most of their belongings due to the evacuation caused by the fire.  All employees in the region have been impacted by the evacuation and the terrible damage to their community. Our hearts and prayers continue to go out these employees. We have and will continue to help them recover from this tragedy. In spite of the loss of property, harrowing evacuation stories and the tremendous emotional toll of seeing the devastation up close, our Fort McMurray employees (and families) have proven to be incredibly positive and resilient.

NCSG wishes to thank everyone who donated time, food, clothing, accommodation, and financial support to the evacuees of the wildfire!