Alberta Region VI Metis Nation and NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul Services form Exclusive Partnership

A partnership was signed between the Region VI Métis Nation of Alberta and NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul Services Ltd. on March 10 at the Sawridge Inn & Conference Centre.

The agreement is project-specific; it focuses on the Shell Carmon Creek Creek in situ oil sands project and TransCanada Pipeline’s Otter Creek Compressor Station, part of the Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. Wolverine River Lateral Loop pipeline project.

Proceeds from crane and heavy haul services work awarded to Region VI Métis Nation/NCSG for these projects will directly benefit Region VI communities through direct royalty payments.

The agreement will include training and employment opportunities for the Region VI Métis Nation, along with potential ownership of equipment required for long term maintenance work after construction is completed.

Both proponents are looking forward to the projects emerging from the partnership.

“Of course it’ll open the doors for people we have here, the people we know who are looking for jobs” said Sylvia Johnson, president, Region VI Métis Nation.

“It’s important to us to connect with industry. We’ve been here in this region for over 30 years. It’s important for us to grow with industry. It’s a win-win. We’re happy with it if it can benefit the Métis and industry. They’ll come to us, we’ll give them names of the contacts we have.”

The partnership will complement existing projects with the Region VI Métis Nation.

“We’ll still run our projects for training; the Northwest Energy Aboriginal Workforce Project” Johnson said.

“We’re looking forward to business opportunities due to our partnership with Region VI Métis Nation” said Andy Popko, Vice President, Aboriginal Affairs and Major Accounts, NCSG.

The signing coincides with the opening of the NCSG office close to the Peace River airport.

“It’ll be open shortly; it’s near completion” Popko said. “We’ve done some work already in Carmon Creek.”

The partnership, he said, “is a new opportunity. For the last two years, there’s been 18 joint ventures between aboriginal groups and NCSG. Métis Region VI is the latest. We focused where there’s major activity in a region. In the Peace River area, it’s Carmon Creek (and) pipeline activity. It is the norm for major companies to identify joint ventures with any local aboriginal groups.”

Popko emphasized the partnership is important, because "Aboriginal groups have a key role in the economy." NCSG believes in partnering with these groups so they can share in the opportunities.

"What these projects offer is profit-sharing, employment opportunities, and 50% ownership of cranes with NCSG.” Popko said.


About NCSG

NCSG was founded in 1987 and is owned by an investor group led by TriWest Capital and including NCA Partners and management. Over the last 9 years NCSG has completed 11 acquisitions and grown to become one of the largest fully operated and maintained crane and heavy haul companies in North America.

NCSG, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta provides rigging, lifting and heavy haul services throughout the North/South Energy Corridor of North America. In the U.S., NCSG now has branches or yards in Soda Springs, Idaho; Great Falls, Billings and Sidney in Montana; Casper, Rock Springs and Gillette in Wyoming; El Paso and Odessa, Texas; Gallup, New Mexico; NCSG has a diverse fleet of over 295 cranes and picker trucks, ranging in size from 8 to 1350 tons as well as a highly specialized heavy haul tractor and trailer fleet servicing the refining, petrochemical, mid-stream oil & gas, oil sands, upstream oil & gas, LNG, mining, infrastructure, commercial and wind/utility industries.

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